About us

Daniel Ledel (24)


Juggling World Champion of  2012 and 2016, also holding more than 10 world records in the category "team juggling".

Four years ago, Daniel started juggling full-time after going to school to be an IT-technician.

His experience and expertise can be witnessed in all of his performances.

He first started juggling in a workshop in school when he was only 13 years old. Ever since then he has been juggling  as much as he possibly can.

Julius Preu (20)




In 2016, Julius won the 7-ball freestyle competition at the World Juggling Games in Las Vegas.



He initially learned how to juggle at his high school's circus called "Chaotini". At the age of 15 he started to take his hobby to a whole new level attending juggling conventions all over Europe and spending hours in his mother's back yard practicing.



In 2017 he traveled around the world to gather experience in front of international audiences.


Aside from attending the University of Linz, Julius is a passionate table tennis player. He made third place at the Bavarian Junior Championships in 2015.



Julius and Daniel met at juggling conventions in Germany.

Shared Goals:


- further education in drama and movement quality

- teaching other young people how to juggle - just for fun or even to turn it into a profession

- performances on cruise ships, for parties, weddings, corporate events and many more.

This is a compilation of trainings clips and things we do when we are not on stage:

Videos filmed and edited by:


Jonathan Holz : Woodyfilms

David Reinfelder

Jona Hanischmacher

Daniel & Julius

Pictures by:


Karl Preu

Marie Cevey


Contact: info@gravitos-show.com