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Julius Preu: +43660/6807965


Daniel Ledel:

+43 676/5742727




This is a reference for a birthday party we created this act for.


Andreas R.:

“For my 30th birthday party I wanted something special for myself and for my guests. I discovered Julius and Daniel and I have to say, my guests and I were absolutely amazed. The show was planned really well and I book them again without hesitation.”


"It’s always a great experience to see Julius and Daniel perform, but with this incredible show, the amazing ambiance and of course their LED clubs it definitely was the highlight of the evening!"

Gisela S. im Namen des Zirkus Chaotinis

"Gravitos guarantee world class LED juggling and they keep their promise. Their clubs draw countless shapes into the darkness that light up in the brightest colors synchronized with the music. A real highlight of the “2. Tübinger Kleinkunstpreises”

Marian M. organizer of the "2. Tübinger Kleinkunstpreises"

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Daniel Ledel Aigerding 26, 4782 Sankt Florian am Inn, Österreich

Tel.: +43 676/5742727