Are you going to believe what you’re seeing or would your you rather look twice?

With sophisticated synchronization of the LED clubs’ light effects and extreme precision you will be fascinated times and times again.

See for yourself and enjoy world class juggling with artistic music and fascinating illusions.

Daniel Ledel

Solo Glow Act (6 min)

This act is all about perfection.

Every throw and every catch has to be in perfect synchronisation with the music and the programming of the LED equipment.

Watch the video to convince yourself.

Julius Preu

Solo Glow Act (6min)

In this show You will be able to see another, a very elegant juggling prop, called "the ring".


It is an act, split into two parts with the first one being all about juggling rings and the second one will include LED clubs as well.

Duo Glow Act (6 min)

A combination of perfectly synchronized  LED ball juggling, underlined with atmospheric music and their favourite discipline called "club passing". Their high- tech LED equipment is perfectly programmed to the music to guarantee a show full of emotions and good vibes.


In this show, Daniel and Julius perform tricks on stage that most of the jugglers can`t do in their practice!




Performing this act with 2.5 metres height?

No problem for us! This act was made for locations with a low ceiling.

Requirements/ technical rider:


We need a plug socket for the technical devices.


If you have your own sound system, we will need an AUX-cable to connect our laptop to it. We need to start the music and the LED clubs from one source. If you don't have a sound system we can provide one.


If possible the location should be completely dark (at least for the frame of the act), so the visual effects of our LED props can be on point.


The height of the location should be no less than two meters and the minimum space for us to perform at least 3 x 2 meters. The solo acts require a height of at least 4 metres each, but we are able to change the acts for your location if you only want one of us to perform.


Unfortunately, it's not possible to perform in the rain, due to the high risk of damage to our LED equipment.


Any further questions? Send us an e-mail or give us a call!