Workshops /learn how to juggle

Would YOU like to learn how to juggle too?


We also offer workshops for teachers, students, trainers, companies, families, basically anyone who is interested, because ANYONE who is interested can learn how to juggle.

We guarantee that. It is just a matter of time and effort.

In one or more 45-minute sessions we can teach you how to juggle with tissues, balls, plates, diabolos, rings and clubs.


At the end of the workshop we offer a little performance to hopefully inspire more people to juggle.


Are you up for this challenge?


Fun fact: scientists actually found out, that juggling has a positive effect on our brain’s  activity. It supports the connection of the left and right part of the brain. That makes it easier to learn new things and create connections in our brain.


You don´t believe us?


Try it yourself!


All the equipment and juggling props can be provided by us.


Daniel already led a couple of workshops with schools and company events with other professional jugglers.


Julius learned how to professionally train people four years ago. He is a table tennis trainer and teaches workshops in schools in Austria. He has even taught people in the USA how to juggle.


We are looking forward to juggle with you and see your progress.